AKINU story

It´s how the business idea was born and about one dog who breathed life to this idea...


A – Adele

K – Kaarle

I –  Iwona

N – Norbert

U – Ursula




Thus like we spell our company name when we feel that on the other end of phone is someone who doesn´t know how is Akinu written. 


But it is so simple. We are company which supply pet food and pet accessories for dogs, cats and other pets. The name couldn´t arise other than the puppy was on beginning. 


We had chosen breed of the dog 4 months and after long thinking finally won the noble and loyal, stubborn Akita Inu. The year 1992, when the breed in the Czech Republic was relatively rare. On buying a puppy spent all the savings that could at the time, a young Czech family with two children, have. After we brought in February from a hospital small baby - son, 14 days after we added to household white, cute, furry blob. Agi grew and we began to deal with feeding.


In 1992 the market with pet food and pet accesories like now wasn´t exist. At that time was standard for dogs cooked meat with different annex. Meat for dogs was possible to buy from slaughterhouse, where we also carried it. We took what was. Pork, beef...candidates was queuing. We ride on call and was buying larger quantities to journey worthwhile. Sometimes the meat remained, and we needed to consume it immediately, so surpluses we started to sell all familiar with dogs and kennels. Although the choice was not great, priority should always is fresh before frozen. The faster everything had to be - agreement, price, cartage. These were the pure beginnings of a business.


Eventually we ended the occasional sell of meat and in 1993 the idea of official business on trade certificate was done. And company name?


On the beginning was big love to animals and a desire to understand their needs. Attitude to animals to do differently than had been operated so far and expand this idea among a wide range of people. In our company name is story of real dog who was with us nice 12 years and taught us that quality care about him can be reflected in his good health and vitality and our love recioprocated his own. He enriched our lives about the wonderful moments that have remained forever a part of us.



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