Our brands


AKINU bring products under several brands. You can find in our offer products from economy, premium and superpremium line too.
Below, is short overview of our brands and their description.







The widest offer of snacks for dogs and cats

(MLSKA, SMART soft, PREMIUM meat, etc...)





Food for dogs

(dry food, allucups and cans)





Food and cat litter for cats

(dry food, pouches and cans, cat litter)





Food and snacks for birds and rodents

(grain, honey sticks and snacks)





Superpremium food for dogs and cats

(dry food and allucups for dogs and cats, sausage)





Silicagel cat litter for cats

(Rocks, Sandy, White and Lavender)


Your view is important              for us

Are you staisfied with our products or do you have comment? Please, contact us through our Contact form in "Contact". Your view is important for us. Thank you!

We are open to new cooperation

AKINU acts in Czech, Slovak Republic and Serbia. For more countries, we are open to cooperation and finding ways for successful partnerships. If you are interested in, please, contact us.